Network Security Policy Management – Business-Driven Security Management. Automate the management and enforcement of security policies across firewalls, routers, virtual private networks (VPNs) and related security devices. Gain complete visibility, automate changes, and always be compliant!
Firewall Analyzer – Visualize complex networks with dynamic network topology map. Auto-discover applications and services. Optimize firewall rulesets, Network segmentation. Reduce firewall auditing time and cost by up to 80% with automated compliance reports!
FireFlow – Security change management automation. Improve accountability for change requests. Proactively assess the impact of network changes to ensure security and continuous compliance.
CloudFlow – Instant visibility, risk assessment and policy cleanup, as well as proactive detection of misconfigurations in the multi-cloud environment.
AlgoBot – The First Intelligent Chatbot for Network Security Policy Management.
AppViz – Provides an application-centric approach to your network security policy management. Discovering, identifying and mapping Business applications. Providing visibility of the network connectivity flows associated with each business application, which in turn provides critical security information regarding the firewalls and firewall rules supporting each connectivity flow.

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Data Encryption solution for advanced protection of sensitive data against loss, theft, disclosure, and economic espionage. Adding additional user right to understand the data.
ZONECENTRAL – Encryption for Files and Folders (NAS, SAN, File Servers)
ZED! – Encryption for Files in Transit (USB, Attachment, HD)
ZEDMAIL – Encryption for Emails (Outlook Plug-in)
ORIZON – Encryption for Cloud Storages (OneDrive, DropBox…)
ZONEPOINT – Encryption for Microsoft SharePoint Libraries
CRYHOD – Full Disc Encryption for Discs and Laptops


SECURE EMAIL PLATFORM – The complete solution for business Email Security.
EMAIL SECURITY – Premium protection against cyber-attacks.

4-engine AntiVirus MultiScan Patient Zero Detection External Sender Visibility Enhancement
Anti-phishing Anti-Spam Sandboxing
Time-of-Click Protection Attachment Blocker Deferred Delivery Scan
Directory Filter Large Email Handling CxO Fraud Detection
Forensic SIEM integration Email Live Search Monitoring & Reporting…

TRANSACTIONAL EMAILS – Send high volumes of emails directly from your business applications. Newsletters, order confirmations, password resets and status notifications. Achieve a better delivery rate for your transactional emails.
EMAIL ARCHIVE – Store emails in a legally compliant manner.
EMAIL CONTINUITY – Keep emailing even when your email infrastructure isn’t available at the moment.
PREDELIVERY LOGIC – Rule-based email workflows. Analyze and process emails according to content, origin, and other criteria—even before they reach your infrastructure.


Complete solution for protection and management of privileged and regular user access to IT assets and applications.
PAM – Privileged Access Management – Privileged Admin Session Capture, Password Management, Access Management, Application-To-Application Management
IAM – Identity & Access Management – IDaaS, SSO, Context-based Access Control, MFA, Corporate Identity Directories Synchronization, Identity Management solutions for provisioning user accounts and applications.
EPM – Endpoint Privilege Management – Eliminate local Admin rights and stop ransomware.
MFA – Multi Factor Authentication – Strong authentication to verify user identities.